01-2165 Fatty Freeway Bar for Honda VTX1800N/R/S 02-up


Cobra Fatty Freeway Bars are designed to handle todays larger motorcycles. Because the latest generation of cruisers are larger than ever before longer, taller, heavier, with larger displacement engines we have added a beefed up companion to our standard Freeway Bars. With larger 1-1/2 in diameter steel tubing, our Fatty Bars are stronger, offering a greater level of protection for accidental drops. And because of their larger tubing, they present a greater proportional fit on the larger machines. The bars offer a wider range of fitments and are not limited to the super cruisers.

  • Stylish update to traditional cruiser look with improved functionality


  • Cobra Chrome-plate mild steel for durability
  • Custom-fit to each model for hassle-free installation
  • Works with all Cobra accessories including lightbars and floorboards
  • Larger 1-1/2 in diameter tubing
  • Made in the USA
    This product can be used with
  • Honda VTX1800N 02-up
  • Honda VTX1800R 02-up
  • Honda VTX1800S 02-upGifts for Anyone

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